Bavarian Custom Irons

Bavarian Custom Irons is a German company based in Bavaria, near Munich. Its top intentions include producing high-quality tattoo machines as well as suitable equipment by hand. In addition, they attach great importance to the best possible service. Tattoo machines, power supplies as well as foot switches and cables, no matter what type, stay technical equipment and have abrasion parts in the usual way. All abrasion parts on their products are replaceable and therefore possible repair work can be done quickly and easily. Every tattoo machine as well as every power supply and every foot switch are delivered with a lifetime warranty (counts only on the first owner). The warranty includes all parts of their products, including abrasion parts.Bavarian Custom Irons is a German craftsman's company in which, in addition to the aesthetics of the products, the focus is on impeccable quality. They done it with heart and hand, each product undergoes several quality checks before it is shipped.