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Carbon Black

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- vegan
- sterile
- fine color grading
- heavy metal contents comply with RESAP(2008)1 
- free from PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons)
- made in Germany


All tattoo artists have their own way of adjusting the machine, in order to achieve individual results. Lines 
that are perfect to one artist may be too strong and bold, too thin and light, or too watery and 
soft to another. In the Carbon Black product range you can choose between seven Sumi inks, two Liners 
and three Fillers in a fine and harmonic grading - to make sure that all artists can find their personal 
favourite black inks, working perfectly with their individual techniques and tastes.


The Carbon Black Inks are developed, produced and bottled in Germany. They fulfill the recommendations
of the relevant Resolution of the European Council ResAp(2008)1 and meet the requirements of the 
German and Swiss tattoo regulations. The compliance with mandatory purity criteria is reviewed on a 
regular basis by the independent institutes "SGS Institut Fresenius GmbH" and "WESSLING GmbH".


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