Lauro Paolini

The first 30 machines built by Lauro Paolini were submitted to the Tattoo Convention in Bologna in 1996.
Since then, every day around the world employing over 50,000 machines built by them. Despite being very proud of these results and they continue to work to improve this working tool essential for us tattooists.
They try to produce machines faithful to tradition, but at the same time the subsidiary of an ongoing research on materials and electrical and mechanical components, surrounding all this with a welldesigned and ergonomic.
They are delighted with the success that their machines collect around the world, and in their design and construction they put all their heart and passion for the tattoo.
Their research in the testing of new technologies and new materials, in recent years has traveled in parallel with all the new laws that now govern their work of tattoo artists.
Steel frames, Alu, brass, pieces from solid with CNC milling machines of the latest generation to get a perfect standard;
surface treatments differentiated and much manual work to make each car unique.
A perfect fusion of craftsmanship and precision mechanics.
Their goal is to put you in a position to work at its best, offering the ultimate in quality and ergonomics, with a touch of "Made in Italy" of which they are always
very proud.