S8 RED Stencil Products

S8 was founded with the goal of supporting artists and their clients at every step of the tattooing process. They use cutting edge material science to make better stencil products and applied optics to optimize stencils. We scour the world for ingredients that accelerate heal out times. And they tattoo and work with tattooers to ensure that the result they get in a lab setting are what artists can expect in their practice.But science is never enough. Tattooing is the most human of art forms, and so our products are designed with people in mind. S8 works to ensure that their products meet artists and their clients needs on a creative, aesthetic, ethical, and ultimately physical level. All of their products are safe for all skin types, vegan and never tested on animals, manufactured in the United States, packaged in recyclable packages and every product that is been sold helps support philanthropic and humanitarian efforts around the world. S8 is committed to supporting artists and their clients.