Tattoo Goods textured Needles

Tattoo Goods "High Quality Textured Needles" are one of the best tattoo needles on the market.

We are proud to present to you a series textured tattoo needles that will meet your needs.

The of, Lundberg Tattoo Supply from Sweden, for us made ??needles are made ??from the best materials on the market.
Needles from the UK take on needle bars from the United States.

By creating textured surface, the needles transported in penetrating the skin slightly more color pigments, which creates a steady and powerful flow of ink guarantees under the skin.

This property, the needles makes them especially interesting for filling and shading large Flächen.Aber also the tattoo strong and uniform Lines enjoy the needles very popular.

Many renowned tattoo artists have been already convinced of the quality of our needles.

Available in the following needle sizes: 0.30; 0.35; 0.40 mm