Tattoo care of the new generation!

jointly developed by tattooists and pharmacists.

TattooMed® has dealt with the development and implementation of a care line for tattoos since the year of 2010.

The Background of the shareholders TattooMed has a lot of experience in the pharmaceutical sector and the development and implementation of application-specific preparations. Coupled with the passion and love for tattoos, this combination led inevitably to "TattooMed" with the aim: The perfect skin care for tattoos.

TattooMed® focuses on quality and sophistication, and corresponds to the awarding of a medical skin care. In the development of the products was the optimal initial treatment for newly tattooed skin in absolute focus. There were used only the highest quality ingredients, and dispensed components with an allergic risk. Furthermore, a high Focus was placed on the application and comfort. The product absorbs quickly and provides optimum moisture and nutrient regulation of the skin, so as to assist the natural healing process. Sustainability was the second significant factor in the development. All products have been developed on vegetarian based and tested on animals.