Arcane Tattoo Ink

Welcome Arcane tattoo ink,

Alla Prima's new line of pre-dispersed inks! Arcane tattoo pigments are free of acrylics, solvents and PET plastics, which makes this new line body-friendly and one of the premiere pre-dispersed inks in the tattoo industry.

Arcane ink is the second line that Josh Carlton and John Montgomery have produced under the Alla Prima brand. These predispersed inks are a little thinner and easier to manage than the traditional stable tattoo inks in the original Alla Prima line. Just shake a bottle of Arcane ink well, pour, and you're ready to start tattooing!

As with the original Alla Prima Ink line, Arcane tattoo inks are made in the U.S. from organic materials that are vegan-friendly. They're clean, sterile tattoo inks that don't have the acrylic resin and solvents that give other pre-dispersed tattoo inks their acrid, chemical smell. Arcane tattoo ink pigment particles have been industrially microsized to increase the potency of the pigments and allow the body to hold more color so that every tattoo you create will have a bolder, more intense look. Thanks to its purity, Arcane tattoo ink heals more quickly and brightly than many other tattoo inks, too.

With the addition of the Arcane line, Alla Prima is currently the only company in the tattoo industry to produce both stable tattoo inks and pre-dispersed tattoo inks. They've set themselves apart from their competition with their focus on your clients getting the best tattoos possible--tattoos made from purer more natural ingredients that will result in great-looking pieces that you and your clients can be proud of. Alla Prima's ink pigments are tried and true, and they've been used in tattooing for years. The only difference with Arcane is that its pigments are microsized and combined with a safer, cleaner carrier that helps deliver Arcane tattoo ink into the skin smoothly, cleanly, and with outstanding final results.