Tattoo Inks

If you are looking for high-quality as well as according to the European and German Tattoo ordinance tested and certified tattoo color, then you are exactly right at Tattoo Goods. We offer you a wide range of the best and safest tattoo colors that meet the latest standards and laws. You will find rich blacks, as well as grey wash gradations of Silverback, Carbon Black, Intenze Ink and Panthera, but also durable, solid and powerful colours in all variations of manufacturers such as World Famous Ink, Radiant, Eternal Ink, Solid Ink and Fusion Ink. At our store you will find a huge selection of tattoo inks in different sizes, as single bottles as well as whole sets. If you have any questions about our color range, do not hesitate to contact us! We are happy to advise you and find the right color for you.