Fusion Tattoo Ink

Fusion Tattoo Ink emerged from a collaboration between Adam Everett and Next Generation Tattoo Maschinen. Fusion Tattoo Ink has a much higher pigment density than other colors on the market. And therefore belongs to one of the best tattoo colors currently available. Fusion Tattoo Ink is made exclusively from organic pigments that are completely vegan. A look at the work of the top tattoo artists with whom Fusion Ink works shows the outstanding quality of the colors. Once you use Fusion Tattoo Ink, you will see the difference. Whether bright shades, pastel colors or shades of gray up to strong black. At Tattoo Goods you can buy Fusion Tattoo Colors individually or as sets! Just take a look at some of the works of the top tattoo artists from the Fusion Tattoo Ink pro team such as Evan Olin, Roman Abrego, Nikko Hurtado, Mike Cole, Juan Salgado,Jeff Gogue, Ben Kaye, Boloand Deano Cook even from Fusion Tattoo Inks quality.