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Hygiene & care for tattoos and piercings at Tattoo Goods®

Do you attach great importance to the satisfaction of your customers? Hygiene during the piercing of tattoos and piercings as well as the correct care after treatment play a crucial role. Only with optimal aftercare can the quality and color intensity be maintained. This also ensures that nothing becomes infected, so that your customers can enjoy their new tattoo or piercing for a long time. At Tattoo Goods® you will find disinfectants for skin, instruments and surfaces, Gloves, Sterilization supplies a>, bandages and tattoo and piercing care, in order to provide all-round professional tattooing and piercing guarantee.

Important hygiene precautions when getting tattoos and piercings

Proper hygiene is crucial when it comes to getting tattoos and piercings as it helps prevent infections and protect the health of your clients. It is important that all tools, needles and jewelry are sterilized before use to ensure they are free of germs and pathogens. This is usually done using an autoclave or other special sterilization equipment. It is also important to thoroughly disinfect the skin and the devices and surfaces used before piercing. Professional tattoo artists and piercers should wear fresh disposable gloves to avoid direct contact with blood or body fluids. Likewise, disposable needles and disposable cartridges should be used to minimize the risk of cross-contamination. It is also important to use high-quality tattoo inks and safe materials for piercing jewelry to avoid allergic reactions or other complications.

Optimal care for the aftercare of fresh tattoos and piercings

Your customers should receive clear instructions on proper aftercare. Fresh tattoos should be covered with a thin layer of petroleum jelly or a special ointment to protect them from bacteria and friction. The tattoo should be cleaned regularly with a mild soap and water to remove excess ink, blood and lymph fluid. After cleaning, gently pat the tattoo and apply a tattoo ointment or lotion to keep the skin supple and promote healing. Direct sunlight should be avoided until the tattoo has completely healed. Afterwards, it is important to use sufficient sun protection to prevent the colors from fading.

A freshly pierced piercing should be rinsed twice daily with a sterile saline solution or a special disinfectant to remove germs. It is important not to touch or rotate the piercing as this can significantly affect healing. The piercing should be protected from dirt and irritants as much as possible. Tight clothing that could irritate the piercing should be avoided.

Whether it's a new tattoo or piercing, it's important to pay attention to possible signs of infection such as redness, swelling, or discharge. Proper care in the aftercare phase helps prevent complications and promote rapid healing.

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