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We at Tattoo Goods® offer an extensive range of piercing supplies for professional tattoo and piercing studios. In our high-quality and carefully tested range you will find pliers and clamps for the secure attachment of piercings, piercing jewelry in various materials and designs as well as other piercing supplies to expand your range and satisfy your customers. Our products are characterized by their high quality, longevity and safety. We attach great importance to only offering products that meet the highest standards and meet the needs of our customers.

Piercing pliers and clamps for hygienic and safe piercing

Pliers and clamps are essential tools for professional piercers who want to ensure precise and safe piercings. The special tools are used to hold the skin or mucous membrane in place during piercing to enable precise attachment of the jewelry. Piercing pliers come in different styles, such as ring pliers, twist pliers and wooden pliers. They are designed to provide a firm grip while being gentle on the skin to minimize the risk of injury. In addition, there are special clamps that are used to stabilize the skin before the piercing is inserted. When purchasing pliers and clamps for piercing, it is advisable to pay attention to quality and durability to guarantee the success of a piercing. They should also be easy to clean and sterilize for hygienic reasons.

piercing jewelry – Something for every taste

In addition to tattoos, piercings have also become a socially acceptable form of body modification. No matter whether it's a simple piercing on the ear, face or body - There is the right piercing and the desired piercing jewelry for every taste. At Tattoo Goods® We offer you different sizes and variations, whether classic or trendy and modern, whether silver or gold. Our range includes piercing jewelry made of titanium, surgical steel, PTFE, gold, glass and wood. For sensitive skin, we recommend using PTFE cord instead of a metal rod. The material is hypoallergenic and flexible for a variety of fits.
In terms of designs, there is a wide range of piercing jewelry including rings, studs, barbells, horseshoe rings and captive bead rings. These can have various decorations such as gemstones, pearls or other decorative elements. There are also special pieces of jewelry for stretched piercings such as tunnels and plugs. You are guaranteed to find what you are looking for in our online shop so that you can offer your customers a diverse selection.

Piercing supplies – all accessories for professional piercing

Our piercing supplies at Tattoo Goods® includes a variety of tools and accessories required for safe and professional piercing piercings. We stock sterile piercing needles in various sizes and thicknesses as well as various disinfectants for cleaning the skin and sterilizing the tools used to ensure that all devices are germ-free. We also have various care products in our range for proper aftercare.

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Tattoo Goods® is your online shop for tattoo and piercing supplies. With us you will not only find the necessary accessories, but also practical basic equipment that no studio should be without. With the right tattoo machines, needles from well-known manufacturers and high-quality piercing supplies, you can rely on first-class quality!

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