Darktimes Tattoo Machines

Proud to produce one of the top quality tattoo machines in the market 100% Handmade

Let me tell you about this side project that I start time ago, after few years looking for the perfect shaded and trying a lot of machines in the market I decided to make my own Tattoo Machines.
?All the tattoo machines are hand carved and polished, build in low carbon Iron, assembled and tested one by one, blackened oiled finished...for the reason of being a handmade process can be small variations between one model and other.
For the coils I use OFC (oxygen free copper) wire for the best electrical conductivity.
For its perfect performance and durability we recommend the daily cleaning of the machine with isopropyl alcohol and applying a thin layer of Vaseline to the frame of the machine, never clean with Water or SOAP.
These indications are to prolong the durability and performance of the machine.
                                                                 Victor Portugal

All machines have warranty
The shipping charges are paid by the buyer.

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