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… Not just a phrase, but our motto from day one. Tattoo Goods® is your online shop for tattoo and piercing supplies! We offer you everything you need for your daily work. Since most of the products are also available in our own tattoo studio “BlackNeedle” are used or at least have been tested, we stand behind all the products you find with us.

We don't just want that not only offer and deliver the appropriate range, but are also happy to be at your side to provide advice at any time. Service is important to us — whether personal or telephone advice, fast delivery and a large selection of payment options.
We are your experienced and high-quality supplier for tattoo needs. Stop by!



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In our shop you will find everything, what you need for tattooing - Regardless of whether you are a beginner or have been in the business for a long time, with the products in our shop you can concentrate entirely on your creativity.
Since we as tattoo artists work with the skin of real people and create works of art that, at best, will adorn our customers' bodies for a lifetime, the right equipment is extremely important. We have almost al The products we offer you have been tested in our tattoo studio and will be happy to advise you on your selection.


Among the most important tools for Of course, tattoo artists belong to the tattoo machine, tattoo needles and tattoo inks. We offer you a variety of different tattoo machines from well-known manufacturers such as Cheyenne, FK Irons, Bishop, Ink Machines and many others. Every tattoo artist has his or her own preferences, which is why we offer machines with or without cables, classic coil machines and rotary machines. Just in case, we also offer suitable spare parts for some tattoo machine manufacturers.
When it comes to the tattoo colors in our shop, we pay particular attention to ensuring that all colors are REACH-compliant and comply with current standards and laws. At Tattoo Goods® You can get tattoo inks from the manufacturers World Famous Tattoo Ink, Panthera Ink, Intenze Gen-Z, Eternal Ink and Kuro Sumi and many others. From deep black to white, pastel to bright and all the colors of the rainbow, everything is available. We would be happy to help you choose your color. Through contact with many tattoo artists and our own experiences, we can provide you with feedback on most colors. We know that choosing colors is difficult right now and we are all looking for the best tattoo colors again. But the regulations (REACH) for tattoo inks are there and will not disappear again.

In addition to the tattoo machine and tattoo colors, Now you need another tattoo supply to stab your motifs under your skin - Tattoo needles. In addition to the hygienic and quality requirements for the tattoo needles, it is also important to find the right needle configuration for your preferred style. The tattoo needles that we offer you at Tattoo Goods® offer exactly these requirements. From classic, smooth needles to textured needles, needle modules or loose needles for soldering yourself, thanks to the different thicknesses and sizes, you are sure to find what you are looking for with us.


In our shop you will also receive: There are also a lot of other accessories for tattoo supplies. Handles and tips made of metal, as well as for disposable use for tattoo machines, ink cups for filling your colors, and soldering accessories for loose needles. With us you have everything in one place!



We Love Tattoos ; We Love the Nature !!


Besides tattoo art, lies with us Of course, we also care about the environment, which is why we are offering more and more organic-based products that improve after use. dissolve back into the biological cycle. In our online shop you will find protective covers for machines, bottles and workplaces that are 100% biodegradable. Color caps made of bioplastic (PLA) or cardboard are also available from us. And we will try to expand this offer even further for you.



tattoo machine repair service


Your machine is the most important tool, what you have. It helps you bring your thoughts and art to the skin of your customers. What could be worse than having this very tool stop working? We offer a repair service for your machines, in consultation with the manufacturer. If we cannot carry out the repair ourselves or are even allowed to do so according to the manufacturer, we are the link between you and the machine manufacturer. If you have any questions, just send us an email and we will be happy to help.



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In addition to our large selection of We also offer you Tattoo Supply Piercing supplies and accessories in our online shop. Here you get everything you need in your piercing studio to fulfill all your customers' wishes for a special piercing. Pliers, needles, channels and punches as well as expansion rods in the best quality from selected manufacturers. For the finished piercing you can also find piercing jewelry made of surgical steel or bioplast.



Equipment for tattoo studios & Piercer


You are currently building your first studio or would you like to refurnish your existing studio? Then you've come to Tattoo Goods® also at the right address for this. What is in no studio Studio equipment may be missing are loungers, armrests and legrests as well as studio lights and work trolleys. But also lots of useful accessories that will make your work easier.



More accessories at Tattoo Goods


Hygiene is the be-all and end-all for every professional tattoo studio and should be the top priority of every tattoo artist. So that you can keep your studio, all tools and yourself hygienically clean, we offer you disinfectants, cleaners, gloves and mouth and nose protection, sterilization supplies and bandages as well as all possible consumables in our shop.


A special form of tattooing is Permanent make-up (PMU), so-called cosmetic tattoos. Contours of e.g. B. eyes, lips, eyebrows etc. traced or shaded in order to permanently highlight and pigment these areas. Tattoo Goods® also offers you the necessary accessories. With us you will find tattoo machines for permanent make-up, PMU colors, needles and blades as well as other Accessoires.



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Tattoo Goods is your reliable one Source for ; for tattoo supplies, piercing supplies and everything else you need for your daily work. High-quality results and professional equipment ensure satisfied customers, and we are at your side with our experience and the large selection in our online shop.
Have you decided on a product but are not sure whether it meets your requirements? Do you have general questions about delivery and shipping? Maybe you can't find a product that you always use? We would be happy to help you, whether on telephone or by Email or in person in our store, no question remains unanswered.