FK Irons

FK Irons Tattoo Machines

FK Irons was founded in 2007 when Gaston Siciliano, design engineer and tattoo artist, developed his first tattoo machine. The needs of the artist and his demands on the design gave the first machine its appearance. Today, FK Irons tattoo machines and products are sold worldwide and enjoy great popularity. FK Irons tattoo machines and products are industry leaders in design and quality engineering. The company's manufacturing facility and headquarters are located in Miami, Florida. Tattoo machines like the Spektra Halo, Spektra Xion are well-known and frequently used rotary machines by tattoo artists all over the world. With the Spektra Flux, a battery-operated tattoo machine, FK Irons is driving the development of wireless tattooing. The development and production of power supplies such as the Hover Power Supply and the Lightning Bolt battery attachment are new.

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