Tattoo Goods textured Needles

Tattoo Goods® textured Tattoo Needles

We are proud to introduce you a series of textured tattoo needles that will meet your needs. The needles made by Lundberg Tattoosupply from Sweden, are made special for us, of the best materials on the market. Needles from Great Britain , meet needlebars from the USA. Due to its textured surface, the needles transport a little more color pigments when they come into the skin, this ensuring a uniform and rich flow of color under the skin. This property, makes the needles particularly interesting for filling and shading large areas. But the needles are also very popular when tattooing strong lines. Many renowned tattoo artists have already been convinced by the quality of our needles.
Available in the following needle thicknesses: 0.30 ; 0,35 ; 0.40 mm