World Famous Limitless

World Famous Limitless Ink

On January 10, 2022, World Famous introduced a new line of REACH-compliant inks called LIMITLESS to European artists. The line consists of over 70 colors designed to meet the new EU regulations that came into force in early 2022. With a strong network of artists in Europe, the traditional paint manufacturer has set itself the task of ensuring that tattoo artists in the EU continue to have uninterrupted access to high-quality tattoo inks that comply with these new regulations. To this end, the US-based production, filling and R&D facility has been increased threefold. and it became a ISO 13485 certified quality management system introduced. “Quality and safety come first, but our goal at LIMITLESS is the same as at everything we do - we want to provide the best tools to support the amazing art of tattooing, ”remarked Lou Rubino, founder of World Famous Tattoo Ink.

For over 50 years, World Famous has pioneered the tattoo industry and has launched several lines of tattoo inks under the Perma Blend brand, he is a leading supplier of permanent make-up pigments.