The tattoo machines

are electrically operated technical devices for the production of tattoos, by introducing Tattoo inks into human skin and the standard tool of a modern tattoo artist.

The basic model of a tattoo machine was a device that Thomas A. Edison patented in the United States in 1877 with the designation Stencil-Pens. The device was originally developed for engraving objects. Later Samuel O’Reilly discovered that Edison's machine, after being remodeled, offered the option of sticking ink under the skin. For the first time in 1891, Samuel O'Reilly patented a tattoo machine, a tattoo gun. The New York tattoo artist Charlie Wagner filed a patent for a tattoo machine in 1904. Since O'Reilly was apprenticed to Wagner, there is occasional argument about who is considered the inventor of the electric tattoo machine. The tattoo artist Christian Warlich was the first in Germany to use an electric tattoo machine. These tattoo machines are widely known as classic coil machines.

The further development of the tattoo machine works with an electric motor. This rotary machine was designed and manufactured in Germany by the tattoo artists Horst Linienbach and Manfred Kohrs from 1970 to 1978. Mascines from manufacturers such as Cheyenne Tattoo Equipment, Bishop Rotary, FK Irons and Ink Machines are popular with many tattoo artists. the low weight and working with needle modules are crucial for the success of these tattoo machines.

Pneumatic machines are also still available on the market, e.g. Pneuma.

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