Inkjecta tattoo machines

The Australian Inkjecta brand was born in 2008. Initially as a hobby, the two tattoo artists Byron and Chris began to build tattoo machines. A professional experience of 50 years which the two bring with them helped to develop their Inkjecta tattoo machines. Each Inkjecta tattoo machine is handmade in a small factory in South Australia by a team of dedicated employees. Every machine is tested before delivery to ensure product quality. Well-known tattoo artists all over the world use the well-known Rotary Tattoo Machines like the Inkjecta Flite V2.1, Inkjecta Flite Nano Elite, Inkjecta Flite Nano Lite, Inkjecta Eclipse or the new battery operated Rotary Machine Inkjecta Flite X1.

Her motto: build machines that tattoo artists want to use.

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