Tattoo Pharma

Tattoo Pharma

Professional tattoo care for every phase of tattoo creation.The quality of the tattoo primarily depends on the tattoo artist's skill and talent, but also on the care of the fresh tattoo and the materials used in the session.

The first company in Russia to develop products for professional tattooing and care is Tattoo Pharma.

Tattoo Pharma has been producing certified products for effective work and high-quality tattoo care since 2014. Pharmaceutical specialists and experienced tattoo artists take part in the development of each product, which is a guarantee of quality and efficiency.

Products for tattoo artists / during tattooing - disinfectants, transfer transfer agents, Vaseline and tattoo butter, products for hygienic disposal, barrier protection for the fresh tattoo.

Products for clients / care of fresh tattoo - DOCPRO gel and DOCPRO PLUS cream, as well as antibacterial foam Holy Dew SWIFT. Together these two types of products accelerate the healing of the fresh tattoo as much as possible and protect the original quality of the tattoo.
All products are not tested on animals and do not contain products of animal origin.

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