TattooMed - tattoo care of the new generation!

Developed jointly by tattoo artists and pharmacists.

TattooMed® has been developing and implementing a care series for tattoos since 2010.

Due to the background of the partners, TattooMed has a high degree of experience in the pharmaceutical sector and the development and implementation of application-specific preparations. Coupled with the passion and love for tattoos, this combination inevitably led to "TattooMed" with the aim: The perfect skin care for tattoos.

TattooMed® focuses on quality and high quality and corresponds to the award of a medical skin care. When developing the products, the focus was on optimal primary care for freshly tattooed skin. Only the highest quality ingredients were used, as well as ingredients with an allergic risk. Furthermore, a high focus was placed on the application and wearing comfort. The product is quickly absorbed and offers optimal moisture and nutrient regulation of the skin to support the natural healing process. Sustainability was the 2nd key factor in development. All products were developed on a vegan basis and tested without animal testing.

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