LACEnano Tattoo Machine
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LACEnano Tattoo Machine

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LACEnano Tattoo Machine

The LACEnano is a brushless rotary tattoo machine with magnetic drive, so it will feel a lot like a coil machine but without the hassle and the weight. It is also the lightest tattoo machine in the world weighing in at only 46g/1.6oz.

  • Weight: 46 gr.
  • Motor: brushless with magnetic drive
  • Power: 40 Watt
  • of 2500 U / min. to 8000 U / min. (42 Hz to 133 Hz).
  • Kit with three interchangeable plugs for overseas operation
  • complete machine autoclavable
  • complete kit is shipping in a box


The lacenano needs a special power supply that comes with every machine. This is because of the brushless motor. The LACEnano will not work with standard power supplies (actually they might hurt the machine so don’t try it) and other tattoo machines will not work with the LACEnano power supply.

You also get an international wallwart in the kit; it has 3 interchangeable wall plugs for when you go to conventions abroad.
The Power supply is pretty self explanatory; all the connections are different from each other, so there is no way of plugging things in the wrong way. The knob controls the speed of the machine from 2500 RPM to 8000 RPM (42 Hz to 133 Hz ). This an absolute control in that the power supply with automatically adjust the voltage if the load increases (if you push harder or put on a bigger needle). So no more guessing and adjusting the voltage.


The LACEnano has a chuck that will take any standard 8mm tube/grip. It will not crush the tube like some other guillotine type tube holding mechanisms do.

This being a magnetic drive machine, it will not work well with cartridge needles (much like coil machines don’t because of the magnetic transfer of force) for this reason we do not support the use of cartridge needles (and they make any machine’s hit less pronounced so you really shouldn’t use them).

The settings are really simple and can be done on the fly without any tools and while tattooing using just your fingers. The point here is to control the position of the magnet on the armature bar in relation to the one spinning on the motor.

The upper thumbnut controls the hit (you adjust it up for a harder hit and down for a softer hit.

The lower thumbnut controls the stroke (you increase the stroke by moving it down and decrease the stroke by moving it up.

The machine might get hot, if you run it at full speed and with a hard hit for long periods of time without any brakes. This is not a problem for the machine, but it might be too hot for your hands if you touch it right away. For this reason we advise you to use a tattoo pedal that turns off everytime you remove your foot so the machine has a few seconds to cool off. Also; make sure to give it a few moments after you are done tattooing before you touch it. This phenomena is common in coil machines and the reason for it is the high power of the machine. A small rotary will not get so hot, because it only has a 5w motor, but coils produce much more power (and heat) and the LACEnano has a 40w motor, so it does give off some heat.

The LACEnano was designed to be a really low maintenance machine. You can lube the bearings with a drop of light machine oil from time to time if you wish but it’s not really necessary. If you are going to clean it in an autoclave, then we advise using an autoclave grade lubricant (you can get it at dental supply shops – in fact; the bearings on the LACEnano are dental machine bearings).

You can clean the whole machine (including the motor) in an autoclave sterilizer at up to 135C. Or If you don’t have one you can use any standard cleaner and disinfectant that you use for your other tattoo machines.

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